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Thermodynamic Solar

ENERGIE Australia’s Thermodynamic Solar Systems use a technology based on the principle of Thermodynamics, discovered by French physicist Nicolas Carnot. Thermodynamic Solar Panels are capable of capturing heat from the sun, rain, wind or the sounding environment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus, ENERGIE Australia’s Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water Systems surpass the limitations of traditional solar hot water systems, to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and offer substantial cost savings all year round.

The Thermodynamic Difference

Traditional solar hot water systems, while somewhat effective, have always had several flaws with their general operating principle. Mainly:

  • Only operational during the day, with sunny periods and warm temperatures
  • Must have a booster backup, either gas or electric which results in extra running costs and inefficiency
  • Susceptible to boiling, freezing and contamination
  • Excessive weight placed on roof structure – from 85-320kg+
  • Maintenance and cleaning required

ENERGIE Australia’s Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water Systems solve all of these problems through a completely different operating procedure.

  • Works 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of sun and temperature, day or night, rain hail or shine, through the use of thermal differentials to capture heat, as opposed to passive capture
  • No booster required
  • Being a completely closed system, water remains inside the tank, not pumped onto the roof, so there is no risk of boiling, freezing or contamination.
  • Each thermodynamic panel only weighs 8kg (Typical domestic system only requires 1 panel)
  • Systems are maintenance free
  • Made in Europe

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Solar Power (PV)

ENERGIE Australia’s Solar PV Systems offer enormous savings by significantly reducing or even eliminating our client’s reliance on grid-supplied electricity. Each ENERGIE Australia Solar PV system is custom designed to provide maximum efficiency. Further to this, ENERGIE Australia only uses the very best and latest technologies and components, as from almost a decade of experience in the industry, using these quality components from trusted manufacturers greatly increases the life and performance of ENERGIE Australia’s PV systems.

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